contest rules for NLEOMF Car/Truck Giveaway

Contest Rules for NLEOMF Giveaway through Servants Task Force
1. Tickets for “United in Uniforms” can be purchased by a person over the age of 18, who: (a) is a United States Citizen, (b) possesses a valid Driver’s License, (c) can obtain insurance for Grand Prize, (d) does not have a felony conviction. Tickets purchased for 2nd Cash Prize must be done may be purchased by 18 years of age and older, (2) must be a US citizen. Verification will be provided prior to claiming prizes.

2. A certified check will be delivered to 2nd Grand Prize winner once proper identification and validation of terms validated. Delivery will be scheduled and organized between winner, Servants Task Force, and Ford Dealership.

3. The Grand Prize is either a 2024 F-150 Truck or a 2024 Ford Mustang GT Coupe. Prize is donated by Five Star Lincoln in Warner Robins, Georgia. Estimated Grand Prize value: $55-60,000.

4. Cash Prize amount is determined by the number of tickets sold for the car/truck giveaway. 10,000 tickets sold for the car/truck giveaway. 10,000 tickets equals the maximum amount of $20,000. Less tickets sold will reduce the amount of 2nd place prize to equal amount of tickets sold during event.

5. A minimum of 5,500 tickets for the car/cash giveaway must be sold to validate the Grand Prize drawing. The prize is valued at $55,000 or more, with $10 of each ticket sale going to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial donation, ticket sales must equal or exceed cost of Grand Prize donation.

6. Contest is sponsored by Servants Task Force, a non-profit organization in good standing with the Secretary of State’s office in Georgia. EIN#: 27-2663332. Servants Task Force will be responsible for all ticket sales, distribution of funds from contest, and delivery of vehicle to winner of contest. Servants Task Force also holds the rights to the contest and all questions or comments can be sent in mail form to: Servants Task Force, 405 Sark Drive, Warner Robins, GA 31088

7. All donations and cost for ticket purchases are tax-deductible. If the amount of donation or ticket purchases exceed $250, a W-9 can be provided with request.

8. The winner does not have to be present to win. The winning ticket will be drawn during Police Week in May 2024 and the winner will be notified within 48 hours of drawing by certified letter or phone after Grand Prize drawing.

9. The winner will be responsible for all taxes and fees associated with Grand Prize and for all tax purposes with IRS for monetary winnings. Taxes and all fees must be satisfied prior to claiming prizes.

10. Those purchasing tickets can purchase as many tickets as they wish for the Grand Prize drawing or the cash drawing associated with the giveaway contest.

11. Tickets are $15 each and must be purchased at under the “United in Uniforms” event. Fees for tickets are added for ticket purchases to verify ticket sales. With every Grand Prize ticket purchased, 2 tickets for a cash prize giveaway drawing will be added to each Giveaway ticket purchase as a bonus.

12. This is a nationwide event; tickets for the cash prize Giveaway can be purchased by going to: and ordering through the website under the “United In Uniforms” event.

13. Fliers with a QR code will be made available at all the police departments, sheriff’s offices, and as many law enforcement departments as possible. Fliers with information can be viewed on the website. Ticket purchasers will be notified via the email or phone number associated with ticket order(s).

14. All prizes are final once selected, should winner refuse to accept prize or does not meet the requirements stated above, the prize will be forfeited to Servants Task Force for future use in NLEOMF fund-raising efforts. Servants Task Force would then accept all tax requirements due.

15. Funds from the Giveaway contest will be donated to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and Warrior2Citizen to honor and support fallen officers and support for others.

16. A minimum of 10,000 Grand prize tickets must be sold for 2nd place prize maximum amount or amount will reflect on total number of tickets sold, if under 10,000 tickets.

17. Tickets will be sold from January 1, 2024 through the time of the live drawing on May 15, 2024.

18. A point of contact will be asked to be assigned at each police department, sheriffs department, law enforcement agency or entity to be responsible for distributing information to officers, families, friends, supporters, and businesses in their city, town, and counties.

19. Information on contest, questions, and rules for contest can be found on Servants Task Force website:

20. Donations for event are also accepted. Check or money order mailed to: Servants Task Force, 405 Sark Drive, Warner Robins, GA 31088 will be added to funds to be donated for event. All donations are tax-deductible. Donations in check or money order are asked to be made out to “United in Uniforms”. Donations can also be made on the Servants Task Force website and the Ticketstripe website under the United in Uniforms event page.

21. Ticket drawings for prizes will be done on May 15, 2024 at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial. Time TBD. The event will be live streamed and media coverage will be available.

22. United in Uniforms Events are under the full ownership of Servants Task Force, Inc and are not related to or associated with any other events unless otherwise identified by Servants Task Force or organizations affiliated or associated with Servants Task Force. Inc.

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