Dedicated to Service


In 1979 after graduating from Bleckley County High School in Cochran, Georgia; Steve
Rodgers found his calling in life as a “Servant” after he was asked by two local families to help raise money to help provide assistance for trips to the hospitals in Atlanta for their daughters who were both suffering from Cystic Fibrosis.

Having been raised in a Christian home and being taught that we are to do unto others and the love that Jesus had for those who were suffering from physical pains needed to be helped and that would open the door to
speak on Faith and Love, Steve has worked for over 43 years in providing the financial resources that could assist with the care of those in need while working to build teamwork, unity, and support in the communities and citizens he provided the entertainment or event he created that God would put on his heart to introduce to meet the immediate needs of those requesting help. From the small hometown of Cochran, Ga, to military bases around the world, taking the stage in Law Vegas with Don Rickles, meeting military and political leaders around the United States, and serving as a greeter at the White House, Steve has been able to garnish the support and friendship of those who see his passion for helping others, help others.

“Every Day is a New Adventure to a Story that is still being Written, and God Opens Doors, Provides Opportunities, and Gives Us each Day to be able to serve him and

Steve has helped raise thousands of dollars through sporting events like “Old-Timers Football Games”, Bucket Drives, Sports Tournaments, Casino Nights, Haunted Houses, Concerts, Raffles and Giveaways, Game Show events, Football Helmet signatures, and even jumped out of a plane to raise blood donations for the American Red Cross. Steve has asked local high school students, veterans, law enforcement members, firefighters, and church members to be his teammates in putting events together and working together using their energies and compassion for others to show them that “The Battle is Ahead, but Together, So is the Victory”.

Steve has created several non-profit organizations over the years to utilize the manpower and caring nature of those who serve in uniforms. In 2004, Law Enforcement United was formed
with Steve as the first President/CEO combining the forces of local law enforcement
agencies, base security forces, and state agencies working together to provide family fun events to raise money for local charities.

In 2010, Servants Task Force was created with wife Ginger to be used to create and develop projects to help local organizations meet their yearly goals, to help local families with needs, and to work with state and national organizations that provide care and support for fellow veterans, military members, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and children.
Servants Task Force is a proud member and sponsor of the 50th Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Program, honored Pearl Harbor living heroes with Wounded Duck
ceremonies at local VA hospitals, worked with Safari Club International honoring disabled
veterans with their July fishing trips at Lake Lanier, Georgia, raised funds for employees at
Robins AFB, who suffered life threatening illnesses, Ronald McDonald House of Central
Georgia, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Organization, Tunnel To Towers, Walk of Heroes Veterans, donated certificates for vacations
packages to Blue Lives Matter for officers involved in on duty shootings, and local charities
in the Middle Ga area that supply care and support for fellow veterans, children, and those in
need. Servants Task Force was honored to be involved when former UGA coach Vince
Dooley was inducted into the Georgia Military Veterans Hall of Fame.

Steve is a veteran who served in the United States Air Force, Georgia Army Reserves, and
Georgia Air National Guard. He has been recognized by the State of Georgia Secretary of State for his Community Service, was recognized in 1999 as an Outstanding Georgia Citizen,
and was the 15th Air Force Airman of the Year in 1982. He was chosen to serve as a White
House Greeter in 2020 for the Christmas Celebration under President Trump and being able
to meet the leaders of those who are responsible for the care and preservation of our National
War Monuments and those honoring those who died protecting our nation, the Gold Star families and the proud members of the military has been his greatest honor in his life.

United in Uniforms is the latest project that he is being lead to create that honor the service
and sacrifices of those who serve in law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, doctors, nurses, military members, and veterans for honoring the oaths they have taken to honor our nation, protect our freedoms, protect and serve, and put their lives on the line each day while living John 15:13 with every breath they take. The vision is to create fun events that all families can attend and connect with on some level that will educate all citizens on the importance of the lives of those who wear uniforms, provide care and treatment for those identified with needs, to honor the lives of those who pay the last full measure by giving
their lives in the line of duty, to support their families, and rebuild the Trust and Respect that
all those who are willing to give their lives for others should get without thought.

Building the events in Georgia and then expanding them to all states to get them to honor their heroes in their communities will build a “United” foundation that we can work with moving forward. Each year will introduce new events and opportunities for all Americans to work together, volunteer, donate, or enjoy events that will entertain and bring Joy to lives while ensuring that those we owe our greatest debts to receive the care and support they need.


Tommy Clack- Retired Captain US Army, Vietnam War.

Dick Caillouet- USAF Fighter Pilot, President GA Wounded Veterans

James E. Sehorn: Retired Brig General USAF,  First Inspector General, State of Georgia

Michel Roberts: Retired Colonel US Army, CEO Warrior2Citizen